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Our Expertise

Excellence and Success

Dreamland's Advantage

There are many agencies to choose from, we all know this. However, we are one of few foreign-owned and operated placement services. In additional, our team understands your desires as a foreigner in China, and knows what to look out for when sourcing schools. Our years of experience recruiting and living in China will illuminate a candid and objective outlook that no one else offers.

Screening Of Candidates

We know how difficult the job market can be. That is why our team of experts does everything in its power to take the pressure off. We specialize in sourcing qualified candidates and match those candidates with suitable positions according to qualifications and preferences. Our quick and easy process typically takes 1-2 weeks from application to receiving a job offer.

Additional Services

We also offer a number of resources and services to bolster your teaching qualifications and experience. We have partnered with www.teflcourse.net to bring discounted TEFL / TESOL certification, have a catalog of educational toys for you to purchase and utilize in classrooms, and also can refer a number of expat services to make your life in China significantly easier.

American Agency, American Quality.

Since our establishment in 2015, we have placed numerous amounts of teachers in relevant roles throughout China. We understand what it's like to live in China, and our placement specialists are all Westerners with experience living and working in China. Let us do the worrying for you! After you speak to one of our specialists, you will understand why we are trusted and one of the fastest growing recruitment agencies for foreign teachers wanting to experience China!

100% FREE placement services for prospective teachers!

Aside from the fact that are service is free, we also will assist with transitioning into your new role and will continue to support you throughout your first contract!

Head to our Testimonials page to read some thoughts from our teachers!

Find out if you are qualified!

Qualifications to teach English in China are typically based on the ability to receive a working visa. A bachelor's degree or higher, 2 years of full-time working experience (or a 120 hour+ TEFL / TESOL certificate), and proof of no-criminal record are needed. Anything else is a bonus. Head to our TEFL Certification page for exclusive discounts!

Benefits of teaching English in China

In addition to a competitive salary, there are many other benefits as well. Some positions will offer free Mandarin lessons, optimal time-off to travel to hot-spot destinations, and the ability to save plenty of money for your next journey! If you want to future-proof yourself and position yourself with valuable knowledge about the fastest growing country and economy in the world, China is right for you.

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